Our friends at Havering Tri are organising an aquathlon on Saturday October 28 at Coopers Company & Coburn School. The entry system is here, but if you don't fancy it, you can help with a spot of marshalling by contacting Lisa.

This event takes place on 3rd September 2017, teams of 10, Epping to Harwich. If you are interested, contact Denis.
Club members will have to see our Facebook site for club news and the SS site for actual results, but in the meantime here's Denis' report of his winning run with Ron. 


10am  Rolled up to the Campsite, found the H90J HQ and set up. Good location in the “Quiet Zone”, excellent for supporting passing runners, but a bit of a walk(400metres?) to Start/Finish line, Toilets and the Snack Bar. Ok if you're doing 3 or 4 laps but for us planning on 9, made it a couple of miles extra!

Noon Den sets off, steady jog trotting along with the Soloists, trying to finish in a 1:15 but got a bit carried away.

1pm Ron starts his 1st stage, bit steadier, but still ahead of schedule.

2pm Den starts his double shift, again a steady run but, feeling good is under schedule by half an hour.

4pm Ron starts his double, has a good run, and again under schedule.

6pm Now 1 ½ hours inside schedule, all going well, Den starts his triple, using timer to run/walk in 5/2 ratio. Run goes well, ratio seems better than 4/1 used before as 5 min run followed by 2min walk gives more time for recovery – so again 1/2hour quicker than schedule.

9.30pm Ron starts his triple, ok for 1st lap but 2nd slower and has to walk last lap, wheels falling off, but still manages to get round in nearly the 4hours scheduled. Well Done Ron. But is unsure if he can run again in an hour and a half after Dens next single, so Den agrees to run a double if Ron's not waiting at the end of Dens 1st lap.

2amish Den, well rested (?), after his 4 hour break, shoe change, night gear on, head torch ablaze, trots off to run a steady lap, but at end no Ron, so walks a lap to give Ron some extra time to recover

(No, had to walk, was knackered at this point)

4.30am Ron set off on his 7th lap, but still not fully recovered and has to walk it, feeling grim.

6am Den starts of on another single lap, back to walk and a bit of run. By this time we've been told we are miles ahead(literally) of the other male pairs so Den tell Ron its all ok if he doesn't want to carry on.

8amish Ron is waiting on the line to carry on, but it's his last lap, a bit of a painful slow walk and thats it for him.

10amish Den starts what is last lap, slow painful walk, but by the time he reaches 5mile sign is caught up by Shameem, of the Shady Ladies H90J team and so trots along with her and then gallops round the field to the finish at about 11.30am. Actually feeling ok but another lap might have been a very long slow walk so ended there. 18 Laps completed, exact number as per schedule, and we could have managed to start another, but really we'd both had enough by then.


Den 10 laps, 57.2 miles Ron 8 laps 45.76miles

And won our team category so cups were presented, HURRA

For those of you who like to plan ahead, the fixtures for the cross country season are on the club calendar.

If you fancy a go at the XC Essex Championships, please talk to Ron.
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