East London V Interclub Series. (ELVIS) is a team based series of races of 5K or 5 miles - hence the V - between clubs in east London.  The series is now in its 10th season.
The clubs competing are:-

Havering '90 Joggers
Ilford AC
East London Runners 
Orion Harriers
Dagenham 88
Barking Road Runners 
East End Runners
Harold Wood Runners

Points are calculated after each race based upon team finishing positions.  
Full information about the series, its rules and also the latest results and team rankings can be found at www.elvisraces.club 

All the races are open races, meaning that anybody can enter, and win the usual trophies offered by the event. H90J will also have an internal competition based on the ELVIS series

This is the programme for 2018:-

Club Date Day Time Dist. Venue Entry 
Dagenham 88 Runners  30/5 Wednesday 19.30 5m Eastbrookend
Havering ’90 Joggers  12/6 Tuesday 19.30 5m Raphael Park, Romford  
East End Road Runners  21/6 Thursday 19.30 5k Olympic Park, Stratford  
Ilford AC  18/7 Wednesday 19.30 5m Chigwell Row  
Harold Wood  Runners  1/8 Wednesday 19:30 5k    
Orion Harriers  11/8 Saturday 10.00 5m Chingford Plain  
Barking Road Runners  27/8 BH Monday 10.30 5k Barking Park  
East London Runners   30/9 Sunday 10.30 5k Valentines Park
        5m Harold Wood Park  

This year we will initiate an internal competition based on the ELVIS events and will complement the club Grand Prix competition. 

The scoring system will measure runners comparative performance against the whole field in each race (e.g, 50th in a race of 400 competitors is better than being 50th in a race of only 100). Absolute position and time are not so much of a factor. It is hoped that this method smooths out the differences between each of the courses and the number of competitors. Each person that you are ahead of in a race ,whatever their club, will help you up the ladder and by doing so also perhaps improve the overall result for H90J. 

As this will be the first year and a slightly new approach,  the scoring system may be finessed as we go along but the principles will remain. 

As in any competition the fastest will inevitably win overall, but another focus will be on identifying those runners who show consistent improved performance over the series. Real beginners and those in the middle will have an opportunity to get recognition and get an award for their efforts.

 Being 5k and 5 miles the events are good for most of our members : they are also comparatively low cost and local. 

You will not have to formally enter the competition - you will be entered by completing your first ELVIS event. Results will be published after each ELVIS event. To qualify you must compete in at least 4 ELVIS races. 

Updates for the individuals standings and club results will be on the NEWS tab.
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