The club hand out a few awards over the course of the year, and these are generally made at the time of the AGM, to recognize either an outstanding contribution to the club by an individual, or to a runner who has improved over the previous twelve months.

The President's Trophy is awarded to anyone who the President of the club deserves this. It may be for an outstanding contribution over the year to the running of the club, or just to someone deserving of some public recognition.

The club will also award two trophies to the most improved male and female athletes of the previous year. These were first awarded in 1991.

Most Improved Female
1999 Katherine Luxford
2000 Kim Jones
2001 Carol Merrill / Frances Hill
2002 Sue Spong
2003 Eleanor Mole

2004 Deborah Pye
2005 Marie Wong
2006 Sue Dale
2007 Susan Staerck

2008 Claire Tighe
2009 Mary Dyer
2010 Barbara McDonnell
2011 Claire Tighe
2012 Victoria Bryant
2013 Christina Clementson
2014 Nichola Fairbairn
2015 Laura Thomas
2016 Lucy Burdett
2017 Jackie Butler

Most Improved Male
1991 Ron Dobie
1992 John Bond
1993 John Conquest
1994 Martyn Trew
1995 Alex Clements / Tony Denham
1996 Dave Gridley
1997 Tony Pecararo
1998 Paul Ross
1999 Ken Fey
2000 Carl Doman / Neil Taylor
2001 Bryan Tyrrell / Jim Bennett
2002 Neil Collins
2003 Barry Loveday
2004 Len Davies
2005 Jeff Fenton
2006 David Pike
2007 Neil Moses
2008 Andrew Thomson
2009 Brian Parish
2010 Roger Hagan
2011 Roy Hendley
2012 Dave Evans
2013 Dave Sherman
2014 Daniel Noonan
2015 Clive Burrow
2016 Dan Tudor
2017 Joaquin Polo

President's Trophy Winners
2006 Keith Penfold
2007 Terry Kavanagh
2008 Lina Marsham
2009 John Hosler
2010 Dave Gridley
2011 Barbara & Chris McDonnell
2012 Steve Sheekey
2013 Dave Keeley
2014 Sandra Dobie
2015 Keith Penfold
2016 Roger Hagan & Roger Winston
2017 Dave Sherman

Winter Endurance Cup Winner
2008 Martin Chester
2009 David Skinner
2010 Neil Taylor, 2nd Dave Keeley, 3rd Sue Staerck
Roy Hendley, 2nd Keith Penfold, 3rd (tied) John Gregory + Dean Skipper

2012 Sue Staerck, 2nd Barry Rowell, 3rd (tied) Laura Homer + Dave Evans
2013 Dave Sherman, 2nd Tony Galea, 3rd Barry Rowell
2014 Clive Tweedie, 2nd Ron Dobie, 3rd Dave Keeley
2015 Clive Tweedie
2016 Denis Mole, Andrew Wright, Mark Duncan.
2017 Denis Mole
2018 No event



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