First Claim / Second Clam Status

In effect, runners can only compete for their first claim club (Havering '90 Joggers), but some exceptions apply as shown below.

First Claim
The First Club joined by athletes will be known as their First Claim Club and such athletes are defined as a First Claim member.
If athletes wish to commence membership of a new First Claim Club then they must use the online transfer process.
Once athletes have represented a Club in any Competition they are ineligible to compete for another Club in Open Team Competition.

Other Discipline First Claim Club Member: Where a Club has not registered that Club for Open Team Competition in a particular discipline then an athlete may join another Club for First Claim Open
Team Competition solely for the purpose of competition in that discipline. For example, a track and field club might not have a road running section, so a member can run first claim for a club that does affiliate for road running. Should an athlete wish to register for this membership they must first complete the appropriate ‘‘Other Discipline Form’’ available from the National Associations and have that application confirmed by that Association.

Second Claim Club Member: In addition to an athlete having a First Claim Club runners are permitted to become a member of a Second Claim Club. Whilst this may be for social, coaching or other reasons that athlete may compete for that Club in competitions which specifically state in its rules that its competition is open to Second Claim members. Such an athlete is hereafter defined as a Second Claim member. Any affiliated Club accepting a Second Claim or First Claim other member as a competing athlete must satisfy themselves that the athlete is already registered with their National Association Runners can run for the second claim club in the county championships if they have retained county qualification and their second claim club is fielding teams in that county's championship.

They can run for the second claim club if the rules of that particular competition (e.g. Metropolitan Cross Country League/ Sunday Cross Contry Leage) allow it and their first claim club does not compete in that competition.

If I belong to two clubs:-
Can I run for one club in a road race one week and my other club the following week?  NO
Can I run for my second claim club in a road race if my first claim club is not represented? NO
Can I run for my second claim club in a race that is not licensed by RunBritain, e.g. ARC or trail race? YES, if ARC or trail run rules allow. It won't disqualify you from races under UKA rules.
Can I run for my second claim club at cross country if my first claim club is represented? NO
Can I run for my second claim club at cross country if my first claim club is NOT represented? If under UKA  rules NO.

To summarise

Reasons for having 2nd claim club

1. to train with them
2. social reasons
3. different discipline which first claim clubs do not offer
4. original county qualification
5. on track and field to compete at higher level
6. to run in "friendly" matches (i.e. no trophy, no medals, no prizes)

N.B. schools always have first claim services and university members have "double" first claim depending on competition. They can run for their uni etc. in "closed competition".
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