What has been going on at H90J recently? A brief update follows..

The AGM was held at the start of April, with a couple of committee changes. Dave Evans and Brian Parish both stood down from the committee, while Lisa Gaskin joined as one of our welfare officers. The membership fee has increased by £1 in line with England Athletics increasing their individual affiliations costs. Therefore, a normal single membership (to run to the end of March 2018) will now be £36, while a concession membership(available to all over the age of 60) is now £21. If you are on our membership database, then you should have already received your email equestrians payment for the forthcoming year.

Congratulations to all that took part in the Brighton marathon recently, whether it was your first marathon or you are a seasoned veteran. We also have a sizeable contingent running this weekend at London, so good luck to all those taking part. If you aren't running, but want to go to support everyone running, the H90J cheer squad will be positioned at around 19.5 miles, just after the runners have left Canary Wharf behind. Obviously, it goes without saying that what ever event you are doing over the coming weeks, good luck and enjoy.

The Grand Prix series is now only a few weeks away, and the first race will soon be upon us. The series details are listed on the website in the Grand Prix section, so if you want to enter any of the events, take a look at the list, and see if there are any that you fancy doing.

Alongside the Grand Prix. The Elvis series will be commencing soon. This is a series of races either 5km or 5 miles, and our own Midweek Five will be occurring soon. Details for this are also somewhere on this website.

We have the first round of the 2017 H90J handicap series tonight (Tuesday 18th April). This is a prediction competition, where you have to predict your finishing time, and then run the handicap route WITHOUT ANY TIMING EQUIPMENT. This means no watches, no phones, iPods, sundials, egg timers or any other device by which you can measure time. The closest one to their predicted time will be declared the winner.
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